Parking Variance Request

    Townhomes at Sunland Springs Village
    Parking Variance Request
      The Townhomes at Sunland Springs Village CC&Rs require that an owner obtain PRIOR written approval of the Board of Directors for extended motor vehicle parking or storage. Rules & Regulations state:   6.1 Resident Parking Residents must park all vehicles in their garage. Overnight guests may park vehicles in the driveway 3 days without requiring a parking variance. Overnight street parking is prohibited. The garage may not be altered in any way that would prevent parking in the garage of the number of vehicles for which it was designed. If there is insufficient space within the garage for the parking of all such motor vehicles, a parking variance may be requested from the Board to temporarily park a vehicle in the Unit driveway provided such vehicles do not exceed 8' in height and are not longer than the length of the driveway, are not used for commercial purposes, and do not display any commercial name, phone number or message of any kind. See also Declaration, Article 4.8.   Please complete the form below. If approved, variance applies only to the vehicle submitted on this request.  
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